Sunday, April 21, 2013

Amish Moon and Stars Watermelon

Here is a fun one from a month or so ago, Amish Moon and Stars Watermelon:
These are the neatest looking watermelons ever because they really do look like the moon and stars are on them! And they taste good. Even more interesting is the variety that SESE sells called Yellow Moon and Stars. Inside that watermelon the flesh is orange!
This one was fun to do because i had to figure out how to do the yellow dots. I ended up painting the watermelons without any spots at first, then putting little drops of water on the painting, letting them set there for a second and wiping them away with a wash cloth with a bit of pressure. That left me a nice light spot that I then painted yellow. To me one of the best things about painting is when you get to experiment with something new. Yay learning!