Monday, January 2, 2012

Blue Larkspur

Here is an illustration of Blue Larkspur that I did in 2010:

For this one I actually got to draw them from the real thing, which is so nice when I can manage it. Normally I have to draw from random pictured I can find on the internet because actual variety of plant I am trying to draw is out of season and/or too hard to come by, but the land-scaper and herb gardener at Twin Oaks, Hildegard, grew these down at the end of the drive way. The funny thing is, that I actually ended up sketching them in and then taking pictures of them to work on them inside because it looked like rain. But it is still nice to be able to draw from my own pictures. That way I can get the angle and plant parts I want to see in good detail. It's also nice to draw things that I have at least seen very close up in person rather than only in a picture because I have a better understanding of how it all looks together, the angle that the flowers come off the stem, the shape of the leaves etc.

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