Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Golden Bush Scallop Finished

Here is the finished illustration of the Golden Bush Scallop:
Not my favorite illustration, but it's acceptable. That same article by HS Paris I was quoting yesterday also has this to say about the scallop squash:
For many years, the more familiar scallop squash fruit were pale green in color, but the yellow scallops appear today to be increasing in popularity. It is becoming more and more difficult to obtain seeds of the old open-pollinated cultivars such as 'Benning's Green Tint', 'Golden Bush Scallop', 'White Bush Scallop', and 'Yellow Bush Scallop'. It is much easier to obtain seeds of the modern hybrids, 'Peter Pan' and 'Sunburst', as these are offered by many seed companies.
Luckily anyone reading this won't have a hard time at all since SESE sells them in their catalog :) Hooray!

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