Sunday, January 1, 2012

German Chamomile

Here is an illustration from this summer of German Chamomile:
I love to have chamomile tea before I go to bed, but there are lots of other uses for chamomile besides making you warm and cozy. The SESE catalog tells me chamomile has long been used as a carminative, [an herb or preparation that either prevents formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract or facilitates the expulsion of said gas] and as an anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer remedy to protect gastric mucous membranes. It is also anti-spasmodic and anti-microbial. Used as a nasal wash to treat sinusitis.
And its also a really cute flower to grow in you garden or decorate a cake with. :)

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Elizabeth said...

I love it! Next time I use the netti pot I know what is going in it! Sounds like chamomile is the perfect after dinner tea for more reasons than I thought! I am definitely going to plan for it in my garden this year!