Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Table Queen Bush Squash

The art of the day is here; the finished Table Queen Bush Squash:
So, I decided today that since I had no more fun facts about acorn squash specifically I would find out if the word squash, meaning to squeeze or crush, had the same origins as the word squash, as in the vegetable, and the word squash, as in the game. This is what I found: The game squash gets it's name from the squash-able soft ball used in the game. So, it is directly related to the verb. The verb squash comes from middle French "essquasser" which is from latin; "ex", meaning out, and "quassare" meaning to shatter. And, as I have mentioned before in a post, squash, the vegetable, comes from Narraganset (Algonquian) "askutasquash" meaning "the green things that may be eaten raw. " English is so strange. One word, three meanings, two completely different origins.
Bad idea = Playing squash with a squash

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