Monday, January 16, 2012

Hale's Best Muskmelon

here's what I finished today, Hale's Best Muskmelon:
I really like the way these turned out. When I first started this, I thought that painting in all the negative space around the interconnected off-white lines covering the melon was going to take forever because they are such little details and you have to paint each one, but for some reason it took about half as long as I expected. I guess I thought it would take a ton of time also because the first muskmelon I ever drew took me a long time to figure out how to draw it, but maybe the different approach I took this time sped things up. For the first muskmelon I drew all the white lines and then filled in the spaces with peachy colors afterwards, but this time I went right into painting the peachy spaces. Also, the first time I made sure I painted exactly what I saw, and this time I just wanted to make sure it looked like a muskmelon would, rather than the exact melon I was looking at.
Here is a little muskmelon history from wikipedia:
Muskmelon is native to Persia (Iran), Armenia, and adjacent areas on the west and the east. Persia and the trans-Caucasus are believed to be the main center of origin and development, with a secondary center including Pakistan and the northwest provinces of India and Afganistan. Although truly wild forms of C. melo have not been found, several related wild species have been noted in those regions.


Anita in Maryland said...

I am a relatively new viewer to your blog. Your art is touchingly beautiful and I always look forward to seeing your post. Have you done any fruit in the past? or, any interest doing so in the future?

Jessie said...

you are so nice! thanks for reading and for the compliments. makes me feel good.
i can remember doing an apple in the past. a friend of mine has that one on her wall right now. and i may perhaps find my way to fruit in the future. i would probably enjoy that. i currently do so many vegetables because that is what is needed of me, but i am also trying to branch out and do things that are not needed, but that i just want to do. maybe i will do a fruit soon just because you asked.