Friday, January 13, 2012

Red and Lyndsey

Today while sitting around at the O Gallery in Nashville this is what I did:
I am still going to do more to it over the next couple Fridays when I am there. It was a nice way to take up my time and I get to finally make Red happy by doing it :) Although I will still have to do a painting of it too I think. This is drawn from a picture of my two good friends, Red and Lyndsey, that was taken while we were all together in upstate New York. We had the best week or so hanging out together, playing music and games and just enjoying each others' company. It feels really good to draw people again, my favorite subject. And it feels especially good to draw two people I love! Next Friday I think I am going to add more colors besides blue and the pinks you can barely see.

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Elizabeth said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!