Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black Prince Tomato Finished

Here is the Black Prince Tomato illustration that I finished today:
I have not too much to say about these tomatoes today, except that I think this might be one of the ones I grow in the garden we are creating for the lady for whom we are cat sitting. Theoretically, I know that every variety of black or purple tomato can taste really different from the next, but I think they are the color of tomatoes I am the most drawn to. I imagine them to be the tastiest. I think it is because I have this memory of the first time I tasted a really, really good tomato. It was at the Dartmouth Organic Farm where there were some Brandywines growing in the green house. I had never had any tomato that I remembered except the kind mass produced for the grocery store that are picked too early and are bred for durability in travel and over time, not for taste. So when tasting this dark-colored, oddly-shaped tomato I was amazed, and now I guess my eyes see dark colored tomatoes and my taste buds tell me, eat those ones!

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