Friday, February 3, 2012

Validation Day Cards

Today Juneau and I spent all day working on these, (and a couple more that are not finished yet):

It was really hard to get the certified invention paper, but Juneau built this time machine with a DeLorian DMC-12 and we went into the future and bought some with vegetable seeds because there is no more money in the future.
One of my favorite Twin Oaks holidays is coming up and although I cannot be there for it, it is great to be able to take part by making a few cards for some wonderful people, (and a dog). Instead of Valentine's Day, the tradition at Twin Oaks is Validation Day. Before the day arrives a list of members is put up and everyone who wants to participate signs up to make cards for one (or more) person. Once you are finished making your card(s) you put it in a public box where, over the next couple weeks, there is time for the community to sign it with nice comments about the person it is for. Then, on the day of Validation Day at dinner, comments from the cards are read out loud until the diners can guess who it is for. So much fun! And of course afterwards is a party.
It is really nice to get these cards, but my favorite part is making the cards and then thinking of nice, and sometimes silly, things to write to people in them. It just puts me in a really good mood to focus on all the good things about everyone around me. And every year I would start signing cards thinking I would only sign a few of those who are close to me, but then I would get on a role and want to keep going and going and eventually sign all 100 or so cards. This cannot be done this year, but as I said, I am still happy to just make a few cards.

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Elizabeth said...

These are great!!!
Good Job you guys!