Friday, February 17, 2012

More on Pennsylvania Butter Flavored Popcorn

It was a busy day again, but I spent my last energy reserves on this popcorn illustration, which is not yet finished, but won't take too much longer:
Another thing that the kettle corn people from the Indiana festival told me about popcorn is that a large percentage of the corn grown in the state is popcorn. I can't remember the percent, but I went online to see what I could find. What I did find on eHow was that Indiana is the second largest state in production of popcorn. Combined with Nebraska, the number one producer, the two states grow 55% of the US's commercial production, (25% Nebraska, 20% Indiana). So, when you are running through those corn mazes in the fall, (or walking I guess since running is technically normally not allowed), I wouldn't recommend trying to nibble on any of the ears of corn. They're not going to be the sweet corn you're used to however tempting they may look.
I also wanted to write a bit on here about the other busy-ness in my life right now. We recently decided to make a garden for the lady we are house/cat-sitting for. This is really exciting to me. She has rheumatoid arthritis which makes it hard for her to bend down and work on the ground in the garden, but she has wanted a garden for a long time. So we are going to build her a really tall raised bed with old pallets and some plastic sheeting. That way it will be more like working at a table and she can stand up comfortably. You can see where she got the idea from here:
So far it has just been a lot of running around collecting supplies. We are also working on getting her compost going and have found a place where we can get all the horse manure we want for free! Hooray! Tomorrow I am going to start some seedlings, and of course finish this corn illustration.

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