Sunday, February 12, 2012


For the next couple days I will be cutting fruit and dipping it in chocolate for hours and hours and hours at Edible Arrangements for Valentines Day. So, there will not be much time for art other than that. Therefore, starting today I am going to post some cakes I decorated previously. To me it's just like painting with icing. Here's the first cake I decorated with my friend, Cloud, at Twin Oaks:
The under the sea theme was Cloud's idea. I love the way it turned out. What was really nice about doing cakes at Twin Oaks was that there was always someone around to bake the cake for you, normally our friend Jess, (also named Jessica Marie as so many of us are). I love to bake too, but am just not as good at it as some others and when you are going to spend tons of time decorating a cake it can just be nice to have the other part done for you.
I learned to decorate cakes from my mom when I was little. She had a cake decorating business on the side and let her little chickens, (her three daughters), play around with decorating too.

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