Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wedding Cakes Forever

Here is a slew of wedding cakes that Cloud and I decorated one day for our friends Summer and Purl:
One thing about Twin Oaks is that there are many different types of people there who all seem to have different diets, and when cooking, baking, or cake-decorating for the community it is nice to try to accommodate them all. So, for Summer and Purl's wedding, Jess baked a couple different flavors of cake made with wheat and dairy, a couple flavors of vegan cake, a gluten free cake, and, I think, a vegan-gluten-free cake. It's hard to remember. That all meant a lot of cakes to decorate! Luckily, Hildegarde, the landscaper and herb gardener was generous with her flowers and edible greens with which to decorate and the garden crew had picked a bunch of strawberries and raspberries to go along with them. Many hours later, I don't remember how many hours, we finished and there was a really nice ceremony and party to follow.

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