Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Illustration

Today, a friend from a gallery in Indiana asked if I was interested in getting in contact with a friend of hers that is a publisher looking for illustrators, and of course, yes, I was. So, they wanted me to do a couple sketches, I suppose to see if I would work for what they are looking for. I had not much to go on except that they wanted the drawing of the boy to be portrait like and to concentrate on the eyes, (which I do anyway), and they wanted the woman with cat at her feet to wear a wide brimmed hat. So, here they are:
I darkened up the cat lady because it was pretty hard to see the sketch as it was.
I think it's kind of a funny coincidence that I was asked to draw a cat lady while I am cat sitting for 16 cats :)
Let's hope they like the sketches.

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