Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Delaware Rooster

I'm switching gears for a day or two to keep painting more lively for myself. So, it is not yet finished, but here is the first of a series of heritage breed chickens. This one is a Delaware Rooster from Catalpa Farm in Columbia City, Indiana:

Because we rely so heavily on just a few breeds of chickens, bred and modified to survive in industrial settings, there are some old breeds of chickens on the verge of extinction. This is one that a year or two ago was on that verge, but because of people like Soni on Catalpa farm this breed is doing better. Catalpa is really just a sweet farm house on a little land with a nice little building for the chickens out back. They have a movable fence there in which they corral the chickens with its two ends butted up to the chicken house so that the chickens can move inside and out as they want. They get to forage on the bugs outside and the green things under their feet. Soni sells the eggs and meat, (when their is meat to sell, more on that another time), to a local CSA.

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Elizabeth said...

I like it. I never really thought about there being many breeds before. Obviously there are, but how messed up is the USA for all the junk that they do to keep a product looking and tasting exactly the same forever?! Reminds me of bananas. How "the" banana being sold at all times is always the same taste that we have been used to for years. Then that particular banana gets a disease and becomes extinct and they work super hard to find the next closest one in taste and texture to what we are used to. I guess this happens pretty regularly.