Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tashkent Marigold

Here is an old illustration from... maybe 2009? I am surprised I never put it up before because it is one of my favorites, Tashkent French Marigold:

I just love the way the yellow outlines every petal. I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers. These Tashkent Marigolds also have a sweeter smell than the normal astrigent odor of other marigolds the SESE catalog tells me.
I found this neat website today that's connected to the Royal Botanic Gardens all about plants and people, our cultures surrounding plants:
And of course there is a lot on there about the marigold. Marigolds apparently originated in Central Mexico and were introduced to South Asia in the 16th Century. Now they are used as decorations and offerings for weddings, funerals, and all sorts of ceremonies.


Elizabeth said...

Super pretty! Can I buy seeds from the people that you draw for? Maybe I cannot import seeds though...
I like these a lot!

Jessie said...

hmmm, i am not sure if you can buy from over seas. i can ask them for you.