Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finished Delaware Rooster

Here is the finished Delaware:

He's very proud.
This guy lived happily with a bunch of other chickens and a few roosters at Catalpa Farm in Columbia City, Indiana, as I was saying yesterday. I was very impressed with his owner, Soni, when Juneau, my partner, my mom, and I all went to visit. She was well spoken, very informative, welcoming, and friendly. She told us all about the importance of heritage breeds and stories of her chickens. One of the sadder stories was that this year they had a lot more birds than they did when we visited. They had put about $1000 into taking care of a bunch of meat birds, Jersey Giants, (more about them another time when I do a Jersey portrait), but one night an animal came along and killed all but a few of them. They still have their chickens for eggs, but they are out a good amount of money and a good number of birds... I hate to end on that note. Well, maybe if you find yourself in Columbia City, IN and you want to make an appointment to go see Soni and get some healthy, happy eggs maybe you could buy a dozen and throw in a little extra if you can afford it.

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