Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lemon Cucumber

Today's illustration is of Lemon Cucumber:

From the picture I guess it's pretty obvious why these cucumbers are called Lemon, but although they look more like lemons than the cucumbers we are used to, the Southern Exposure catalog tells me they taste like an old fashioned cucumber with a hint of nuttiness. "Old fashioned with a hint of nuttiness", I can think of a few people who fit that description too :) And the New World Encyclopedia tells me that they have a thinner, more delicate skin than the cucumbers you normally find here in the grocery store.


Elizabeth said...

I believe that I would fit that description!!

Lil Mom said...

HAHAHHAHAHHA!!! Old fashioned with a hint of nuttiness!!! ehheheheee....I am quite sure you can think of a few people who fit that description! I believe I likely fit into that category as well! I LOVE YOU MY LIL ANGEL!!!!!