Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yellow Pear Tomato

Here is sort of a strange old one that I believe I did in 2010 of Yellow Pear Tomatoes:

I say it's strange because the different tomatoes, leaves and stems seem totally unconnected, like they are just all separate studies that happned to end up on the same peice of paper. It's not necessarily bad, just different than my normal way. I think it gives it a sort of scientific study feel.
Anyway, wikipedia tells me that the pear tomato originated in Europe in the 1700's and that the first recorded yellow pear tomatoes were grown in Europe in 1805. I think you can probably tell from the illustration why they are called "pear". It's not because of their taste, which is mild and tomato-y! The SESE catalog says they are great for popping in your mouth.

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Elizabeth said...

I thought they were small squash at first glance! I love learning about new varieties of veg from you! It makes me think I want to grown only nonconventional vegetables and fruit next summer!! Then I can educate friends and family on my different stuff what they ask, what the hoo-ha is that?!