Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Well, this painting is taking a ridiculous amount of time. I guess I am getting too wrapped up in each petal. Maybe tomorrow I will let it go and hurry up. I will get it done one way or another anyway. So here is the next installment of the Autumn Beauty Sunflower:

Actually, I think it is just taking so long because there is so much variety within the variety of sunflower that it takes a lot of sunflowers to show it all on the seed packet. There are just so many possible colors.
Sunflowers are not only pretty to look at with tasty seeds,but they also have other uses in the garden . At Twin Oaks we would plant one every few feet or so in rows of beans to attract beneficial birds and insects and through them, keep the bad bugs at bay. They were also useful when we grew pole beans for the beans to grow up as a trellis.

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Elizabeth said...

I know about your petal problem! I recently did a commission that was all flowers up front. It took forever! Next time I have to do anything like that that requires so much time I will ask for way more money!!!