Sunday, December 18, 2011


And today I am driving up to Indiana to see the family for the holidays so I am posting another old one. I think this one is also from around 2008, a general illustration of peanuts:

SESE sells lots of varieties of peanuts. They even sell one, called Schronce's Deep Black, that has black skin! Neato! If you are not a gardener or have not grown peanuts you may not know the interesting way that they grow. They start off normal, shoots and leaves and flowers, but then they turn around and head back toward the ground, burrow in, and once there, then grow the peanut! How do they know what to do? I always thought it was amazing anyway. Apparently, as wikipedia tells me, this is called geocarpy,"production by plants of diaspores within the soil." more specifically hysterocarpy, " aerial flowers, which penetrate the soil after flowering.

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Elizabeth said...

So Cool! I want to come and eat black skinned peanuts!
I'm learning so much from your blog! Thanks Jessie!