Friday, December 23, 2011

Fowler's Toad

Here is a real old drawing I did for my mom, I think for mother's day, in college of a toad of the species called Fowler's Toad:

I thought this was pretty good when I first did it and I am sure it is still good to others, but to me, compared to what I do now, it looks quite unfinished. I used to be really embarrassed when I showed other people old things that I didn't think were very good anymore, but one day I said this to my good friend Tina Olsen, who is also an artist, as she was looking at some old veggie illustrations. And she said, "Oh Jessie! It is so good to see everything from an artist, even the bad stuff. You need to see the bad stuff, so you know that you can do it too, so you can see that not everything they did was a masterpiece." And she is right. So, from that moment, I have much less of a problem showing others the stuff that I think is not as good as the rest. It's ok to be human! Other people need to see that you are.

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Elizabeth said...

And...that's a pretty good toad.