Saturday, December 17, 2011


Today I am hanging out with Juneau for the one day in four weeks that we have together so no art today. Instead, here is a pretty old drawing, perhaps from 2008 if I can remember, of shallots:
SESE sells two kinds of shallots Grey Griselle and French Red. They say the French red is more widely adapted and has superior flavor, though it does not keep as well as other shallots, and that it is valued in gourmet cooking and fine restaurants. The Griselle, on the other hand wikipedia tells me, is a shallot that grows wild from Central to Southwest Asia. I would love to walk outside and pick some wils shallots! At least we can go outside and pick some wild garlic, or ramps. Juneau and I found a bunch on the side of the road in Oklahoma, (his Okla-home-a, I had to say it), at the end of last summer. They were all dried out and perfect for harvesting and they were tasty too.

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