Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bamboo and the temptations

Today was a day of starting some more seeds in flats, taking care of sick kitties, playing music, and a little bit of harvesting some more food from the yard. This means I was bad and didn't make any visual art again! I guess it comes in spurts and the current time is more like the lull. Anyway, today the food from the yard was bamboo shoots:
Above is what they look like when they are still in the ground. You can either just break them off at the ground or get them a little bit lower with a shovel. Juneau and I haven't cooked them up yet, but when we tried them raw we both thought they tasted like raw green beans.
Here is a picture of what took me about five or ten minutes to harvest:
I just read on wikipedia that some bamboo can grow up to 39 inches in a 24 hour period! Wow! I guess that's good since the San Diego zoo website tells me that Giant Pandas spend at least 12 hours each day eating bamboo and they can eat as much as 84 pounds of it each day! While I'd like to imagine that Juneau and I are little pandas eating our bamboo, we are clearly not going to go this far.
And here, lastly, is one of the things I did while Juneau was working. I'd like to consider this my art for the day and also my tribute to The Temptations... well, maybe it's not good enough for a tribute exactly, and maybe it is more silly than they would like... Nah, I bet they'd appreciate a little silly. 
I can hear what my older sister would say if she were to watch this: "You're such a dork." But I know it would be in a loving way. Hehehehe

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