Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eden Gem Outline

Here is the beginning of an illustration of Eden Gem, also called Rocky Ford, muskmelon:
This is an unusual muskmelon as the flesh is green, instead of what I think of as the normal color for muskmelon flesh, a sort of peachy orange.
I have not much to say about these melons today. I guess I am too tired to think of much. :) It has been a long day of getting the house ready for the return of the kitty and house owner, and of trying to get our stuff in order and somewhat packed up for our next adventure, which will be hitch hiking to a bunch of people and places over the next three or four months. I am both excited and nervous about this. We are choosing to hitchhike for a number of reasons. One of which is that it is of course a cheap way to travel and we are trying to save up money to start a little community somewhere. Another is that it is better for the environment since it uses no extra fossil fuels to get us where we are going, just some that are already being used. Another reason is that it is sort of fun and exciting and we will probably meet some interesting people. And another is that it is one way to move closer to living without money, which is something I am very interested in doing, or doing as close to as I can. And even another reason is because so many people are afraid of it, but they fear it only because of the very small number of bad things that have happened to hitchhikers or people picking up hitchhikers that have been sensationalized in the news and in the movies. The chances of this actually happening to an individual are very small and I imagine that going hitchhiking and having good experiences, or just no problems will be very empowering. I also know many people who have hitchhiked without trouble and even has a good time. So, I suppose that this makes me feel better about it than others might.

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