Friday, March 9, 2012

Green Striped Cushaw Squash Outline

Here is the very beginning of an illustration of Green Striped Cushaw Squash for SESE:
I think I like the outlines of wrinkly leaves better. When the subjects are just big and round there just isn't too much interesting going on with the lines.
Anyway, I was curious about this funny word, cushaw. So, I looked it up and found not much. has this to say about it origins, "1580-90 Americanism ;  origin obscure; alleged AmerInd, etymologies unsubstantiated". And wikipedia has nothing at all to say about it. So I guess it will forever be a funny little word mystery. 


Elizabeth said...

I like the curvy outlines! they are interesting too!

Jessie said...

oh, cu-shaw! why thank you.