Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lots of Random Things

I have been messing around with GIMP, which is pretty much exactly like photoshop except that it's free. I don't really know much about the program, but learning is fun and messing around with silly things is even better.
So, my new friend, Amico, has been hanging around a lot. He really loved working on the raised beds with me and Juneau:
But he was a little too happy for Theo. It's OK Theo. Amico, maybe you could try to calm down just a little, for the kitties:
Later, Amico and Yoshi stretched out together for a nap. Happy little friends:
I also messed around with that cover for the horror story making the words more legible and the edges cleaner. The author liked it the way it was, but I just wanted to see what I could do for fun. I think I still like the original better, but there are good things about them both:
And lastly, here is one more bit of ridiculousness. This is possibly more embarrassing than the pictures of Juneau and I posing for me to draw from, mostly because we are so awkward! Haha, me especially! But I thought friends and family would like it. And the awkwardness just makes it that much more funny. So, here is what happens when Louis Armstrong comes to visit:

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