Friday, March 16, 2012

Finished Delicious 51 Muskmelon

Here is the finished illustration of Delicious 51 Muskmelon:
And I don't have much to say about muskmelons today, but I do want to talk about the awesome soup we had last night. The yard around the house we are in is not your regular short cut lawn, but instead it is full of wonderful edible things. So, last night I went out and grabbed a bunch of hen bit, onion grass, and chickweed and stuck it all in a pot with a little curry powder, garlic, tamari, a little olive oil, rice noodles, miso and in the end some extra salt. It was so good! It reminded me of Italian wedding soup. The wild greens tasted like oniony spinach. Eating wild food like this, especially things that grow all over the place, that are considered weeds, is even better than gardening to me, kind of like dumpster diving. Except this way it's like your getting local organic greens for free, (which you can sometimes find in the dumpster, but not always). It takes no effort, no tilling, no pesticides or herbicides or fertilizers, no fossil fuels, no anything but a knife and a bowl in which to put the greens.