Thursday, March 22, 2012

Image transfer experiment

Today we have no electricity so I couldn't draw veggies from pictures on my computer and I am posting on here from the phone. Instead, I read this book on image transfers and played around with the idea... I think I managed to post the outcome below?
Anyway, I know that this would have been possibly easier on a computer these days, but it was fun to try a new craft. What I did was tape over the top of an image, or paint over it with clear acrylic medium and let that completely dry. Then I flipped it over and roughed up the back with some sand paper. Then, I sprayed it with water and rubbed it with my fingers until the paper rubbed off the tape or medium. What's neat is that the ink stays behind so that you have a transparent image. I will post on here what it looks like at this point too. Then it was time to just have fun collaging.
If I were to do this again, (I don't know if I will), I would make the background very bright so it would definitely show through the other images easily.

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