Monday, March 26, 2012


10Here is an older drawing, from 2009 I think, of Portulaca, also known as Rose Moss or Moss Roses:
I didn't realize when I did this one that the SESE seeds are a mixture of yellow, rose, white and pink flowers. So, you can just imagine these in more colors. The SESE catalog says that these portulaca are capable of storing water in their fleshy stems, and that portulaca is drought-resistant and grows well even in poor soil once established. This I believe for sure after reading on wikipedia that a common weed, purslane, is also of the portulaca species. I suppose then that this flower would not only be pretty, but edible just as that weed, purslane, is. Hm, I imagine it's just as tasty too. That's a good bonus. 

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