Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delicious 51 Muskmelon Outline

Here is the little bit of a beginning on an illustration that I worked on today of a variety of muskmelon called Delicious 51:
I was looking for fun facts about musk melons online and apparently, as a number of blogs say, there is a variety of musk melon grown in Japan called the Shizuoka melon. These melons are apparently pampered into being the best tasting melons you can find, perfectly sweet with flesh that your spoon will slice through like a hot knife through butter. And how much do they cost? You can get them for about $79 a piece! I found a website where you can have two shipped to you for $195.69. Wow. I imagine I will never taste one of those. I also have thoroughly enjoyed the muskmelons I have tasted already and will be happy to enjoy more for the cost of a few seeds and a little work.

And I almost forgot! We have almost finished the raised beds. They just need a little extra reinforcement so they don't lean a lot over time and some compost and horse manure mixed into the soil.

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